About Us

As a family owned business we strive to meet the needs of our clients.

In 1949, Security Paving began as a small family-owned street improvement construction company in San Fernando Valley, California. Over the past 69 years, we have stayed close to our roots with our corporate headquarters in Sylmar, and have five regional offices throughout California and Nevada.  Our steady and sustained growth over the years has positioned us as one of the largest regional contractors in the Western United States. 

Between 2014 and 2017, we were the largest contractor by volume for Caltrans. We bring innovation, high quality standards, and the ability to exceed schedule expectations to all of our clients. We incorporate safety into everything we do, both in the office and field, so that our people can go home to their families every night. 

Our exceptional work and willingness to collaborate with agencies and third parties has earned praise as we deliver traditional bid-build, design-build, CM/GC, and emergency response projects. Our expertise in heavy civil construction is attributed to the following basic principles:

  • Own your equipment, allowing us to have control of our resources and flexibility in estimating and project deployment 
  • Self-perform as much work as possible, giving us better control of our work force and flexibility in scheduling 
  • Partner with owners and clients, focus on communication for successful relationships and project delivery 
  • In-house engineering that supports all field operations 

Our dedication to our clients and project delivery is best demonstrated by our awards and client quotes.

Recent Awards


Partnering Success in Motion Silver Award - South Lake Tahoe, Y to Trout Creek



Partnering Success in Motion Gold Award - I-5, San Antonio to Pioneer



Partnering Success in Motion Gold Award - I-5, San Antonio to Pioneer


Quotes from Clients

“A large portion of this contract [I-5, San Antonio to Pioneer] requires work on City Streets, Resident Driveways, Local Fire Department, Local School Districts, Local Businesses and County properties. Security Paving during the course of construction was very diligent in coordinating upcoming construction activities with the public. During and after construction the State received compliments from various affected parties praising the State and Security Paving for completion the work effectively and in a timely manner.”

George Saker, PE, QSD, Resident Engineer, Caltrans District 7


“Security Paving contracted with Caltrans and completed this $60 million project [Route 23 Freeway Widening]. Security Paving staff was quick to address the City’s concerns during construction – including minimizing night work and removal of graffiti from the new soundwalls – expeditiously. During this work, the City also directly contracted with Security Paving to plant additional trees along the freeway. Security Paving completed the widening and opened the additional lanes to the public 14 months ahead of schedule.”

Mike Tohidian, PE, LEED AP, Acting Engineering Division Manager, City of Thousand Oaks 


“Security Paving Company’s well maintained equipment and manpower, combined with their staff’s many years of experience allowed the project [Rte 101, Milpas to Hot Springs] to keep moving forward. Their effectiveness in dispatching equipment and personnel to this project while performing other multi-million dollar projects for Caltrans was acknowledged. In fact, due to Security’s responsibility and responsiveness, the project was completed earlier than anticipated with many positive compliments from the public and local officials.”

Kausi Amuth, PE, MSCE, Senior Transportation Engineer, Caltrans District 12

Our Safety-Conscious Culture

gives our experienced crews the guidance to provide a safe working environment for everyone that interacts with our field operations.