Recycled Base Materials, Inc. has been in the portable crushing and screening business since October 1977. The company was started by Security Paving Company, Inc. so the company could recycle the concrete and asphalt generated from its paving projects, rather than sending the material to landfills.

Today, in addition to crushing for Security Paving projects, Recycled Base Materials Inc. also provides contract crushing services to other contractors. Recycled Base Materials, Inc. owns and operates seven portable crushing and screening plants that travel statewide to provide custom crushing and screening for construction projects and aggregate and asphalt producers.  

In 2017, Recycled Base Materials, Inc. recycled over 2,800,000 tons of concrete and asphalt. All the recycled material was crushed into various products such as RAP, Lean Concrete Base and Class II Base material.  

Recycled Base Materials, Inc. is a Union Contractor that can meet or exceed your expectations. Please contact Mark Christie for pricing.


Mark Christie

Operations Manager


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